Student Advising

I have been advising PhD, MS, and undergraduate students. I have advised three PhD students and 10 MS students in Geography or Environmental Resources & Policy programs as a committee chair or co-chair, and served as a committee member for over 20 other graduate students from a broad spectrum of majors, such as Civil and Environmental Engineering, Plant Biology, Public Health, Sociology, and Zoology

I expect new students with good programming experience (e.g., Python and R) and advanced skills in machine learning (e.g., Deep Learning, NLP), big data analytics (e.g., remote sensing, cloud computing, Google Earth Engine), hydrological modeling (e.g., MODFLOW, SWAT), social network analysis, and agent-based modeling. Students are expected to employ interdisciplinary and data-intensive methods to solve challenging geographic, social and environmental problems.

Student Achievement

Many students under my direct supervision have received competitive awards and grants. For example:

M. Edidem, NSF I-GUIDE Summer School Scholarship. Congrats~Michael!
D. Wu, 2022, Graduate School Doctoral Fellowship;
A. Naliaka, 2022, AAG Summer Graduate Intern (1 of only 2 being selected);
A. Naliaka, 2021, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE) student research grant;
S. Bhadra, 2020, David G. Arey Memorial Award;
J. Liew, 2019, SIU GPSC Research Award; ESRI User Conference Travel Award;
D. Wu, 2018,  Illinois Water Resources Center Small Water grant.